‘I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself’

D. H. Lawrence

While working on an assignment i spotted Karma,  a three-pawed dog from Spain. I was immediately impressed by her independency.  And that she only had three in stead of four paws. She was occupied with everything else but her disability. At least this was how it seemed. Did she have consciousness about her disability? Or is this only obvious to us humans? This subject fascinated me. I decided to make a series. I photographed Noddy, a white, blind and deaf dachshund. She proved to be the boss of the pack and ensured to be the first to get her dogfood. Cheyenne, blinded in one eye at first, then her second eye because of a virus. Her trust in her mobility surprised me, but above all her trust in her ‘being’. The series “disabled animals” was exhibited in march 2016 at Gijs Stork, Magazijn, Amsterdam.