As a photographer you have to be pushy and charming at the same time 

I am direct, considered and precise. In my work I am looking for a sincere encounter. I try not to be distracted by the redundant, the expendable. I don‘t want to know much in advance, I believe in the first unexpectedly meet. Curiosity and amazement make a portrait. I work with a high concentration. Everything comes together in moments. Preparations such as location, lighting, setting having been carried out in advance.

Something goes on in a good picture. Emotion, surprise as well as constraint or irritation, a picture becomes inanimate without.

My strength lies in recognizing and determining identities. Representation of a mission statement, an organization, corporate culture or CEO I try to translate into a unique and authentic photograph. I work for PWC, ForYouAndYourCustomers, Quote, KPMG, HP/De Tijd, for Reed Business, Dierenkliniek Westerpark and I Amsterdam, amongst others. Within the cultural and non-profit sector I’ve worked on behalf of Herman van Veen, VluchtelingenWerk, Studio Zeitgeist, KWF, UWV and the province of Friesland. My conditions are clear. Price quoting upfront facilitates clear conditions. I deliver a selection of preferable pictures out of which my client may choose his / her favorite ones.